~*A Look Through The Void*~

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Hello there~

You want to know the sounds of my day hmm?

Well aren*t you brave~~

Last time I gave you a glimpse into the life of my cat.

I suppose I can share a* little bit of what goes on at work beyond the void~.

The void always has the most drreeeary~ sound*.

This is what you all wanted, yes?

Let’s not poke our noses where it doesn’t belong from now on~~


(worth 3 stars)

4 thoughts on “~*A Look Through The Void*~”

    1. I guess I should have put more details, its just hard to do when Red Reaper doesn’t give much information about anything. I used sound clips from the website http://www.freesfx.co.uk. I was thinking of what Red Reaper’s day consisted of and since his job is a reaper I thought I would have him in the void where I imagine the Reaper Organization to be based out of and have him glide pass the portal to the human world where you can sort of hear a bunch of reapings taking place and then making his way to his office, passing the reaper water cooler where a bunch of reapers are chilling and then getting on his computer and messaging someone on facebook. 🙂

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