Spooky Scary Thriller

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(^I don’t usually have audio with video assignments but today is special 🙂 ^)

So I originally planned on learning the thriller dance but that was just not possible with everything going on plus the fact that my video quality is quite bad so I thought making a compilation video would be better.

I originally used soundation to do my mashup of Spooky Scary Skeletons and Michael Jackson’s Thriller but that was a mistake. I had used the website before to come up with a beat and it worked fine but apparently since I imported audio and recorded a little, it couldn’t export the audio after I had finished it. Since by the time I went to export the audio it was the day it was due (today), I decided to try recording the recording using a different audio editor (AVS) and see how it sounded. It sounded a lot better than I was expecting so I went with that approach.

I used the website MakeAGif to make gifs out of some of the projects I had done in the past so that it was sort of a before and after thing. If I didn’t have the source images on my computer I just included the images as they were.

I couldn’t show everything that I had worked on since I couldn’t use anything audio because of the music and too much writing would have slowed down the video too much so I stuck with audiovisuals.

The different genres of assignment I used were Video (The whole thing was a video), Audio(There was musicand I contributed my voice), Mashup(The mix of Spooky Scary Skeletons and Thriller), Gif(I made a lot of gifs) and Visual(all of the photos I couldn’t make into gifs).

This year has been a lot of fun, I know I fell off a little at the end because the stress of all my classes were getting to me but I think this is a good last project to finish things off with. This is my 101st post which is kind of fun to end on (although I know we still have to do an advisory post to the future ds106 students). Thanks Paul Bond and Jim Groom for a great semester!

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