2 thoughts on “Like A Bullet Train~*”

  1. Don’t worry, not everything has to be spooky. I’d really like to hear about how you put this together, the ideas behind it, what you learned through the process – that kind of thing.

    1. I really liked the song Bullet train by Stephen Swartz and thought that it had some good drops to play on so I went with that song and then found clips that I thought had good movement and relevance to the song. Looking back I wish that I would have tried to tell more of a story through it but I’m still happy with the overall project. For a first AMV I feel like it came out well even if I had some clips that were a bit too long in places and I would replace the beginning of the explosions clip with something different and there are a few frames that shouldn’t have been in there and you see glimpses of them in transition and some parts aren’t in sync with the song BUT I’m still happy with it 🙂 This project has made me want to make more and make them better because the feeling you get watching it completely for the first time after its out of the editor is addicting! ^^

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