~~~Advice for the Next Generation of Reapers~~~

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Dear Future Gen,

You will see this class as something really cool that will force you to finally unleash the creative turbulence that possesses you from time to time and yes this is the case with this class. You will find yourself beaming with pride after accomplishing a particularly difficult but rewarding task, you will be able to look at your work and actually feel productive while still feeling like you haven’t done any real work, and you will find your own sense of style.

Be warned though because as delightful as this all sounds, it does take a consistent effort on your part and creativity is far from a consistent thing with most people. Each week you will receive more and more instruction pushing you to pump out new material on a regular basis, yes you will reuse some things but not a lot.

There will be group projects. Not a ton (my semester only had 1 mandatory group project), but that project was very time management intensive.

Technology is a thing. If you don’t know how to use it, you will struggle. This is a course to showcase your creativity but nobody is going to show you how to go about presenting this creativity. You will be shown how to set up your blog but working with audio, video, and whatever other platforms you work with will all require some sort of software you will need to work with. Here are some recommendations:

  • Pixlr – www.pixlr.com- This is a really great photoshop-like website that is free and requires no download. Express is very easy to use but more limited than the editor version. The editor is very similar to photoshop so if you do want to use it and are confused I’d recommend looking up some photoshop tutorials on Youtube. The Clone-Stamp tool in particular is very useful.
  • AVS Audio Editor – This is a really great audio recording and mixing software. It is pretty similar to audacity which a lot of people use so if you are doing a group project and need to share files make sure that they export the audio in a standard .mpg format. It is free to download here – http://www.avs4you.com/AVS-Audio-Editor.aspx –
  • Makeagif – http://makeagif.com -This is a really simple and free online gif maker. You can convert any image or video to a gif. The only drawback is that you have to know what second of the video you want to start at since it doesnt have a preview feature.
  • Peggo – http://peggo.co – This is basicly keepvid but works better with my computer (no stupid java updates). This will allow you to keep any audio or video from youtube or soundcloud. This will be very useful for those vids/songs that may be difficult to um acquire under um normal circumstances… *cough* *cough*

I had a hard time finding a good video editor that was free and you probably will too. I got lucky and was able to install Vegas Movie Studio because one of my friends had a physical copy of the software. WARNING: most online video editors will lure you in with the promise of a working environment to make the video in only to make you pay to be able to save or export the project. Don’t make the same mistakes I did, try to save or export the file very early in the process but also be warned some websites will only charge you if you go over a certain data size so be sure to read up on the website!

Lastly, this is a time intensive class if you do it right. I spent my entire Fridays from 10AM to midnight cranking out all of the material that needed to be done for the week, and I cut it very close to the deadline. Mind you these were weeks when no major projects were due. If there was a major project, I would be consistently working on it all week whenever I had time.

I know that those were a lot of warnings but the class as a whole I thought was entirely worth it. It gave me the opportunity to do things that I had wanted to do and learn how to do and I now feel like I truly belong in the internet because I have given back a little and am no longer a mere leecher. I wish you all the best with the adventure that is DS106.


Spooky Scary Thriller

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(^I don’t usually have audio with video assignments but today is special 🙂 ^)

So I originally planned on learning the thriller dance but that was just not possible with everything going on plus the fact that my video quality is quite bad so I thought making a compilation video would be better.

I originally used soundation to do my mashup of Spooky Scary Skeletons and Michael Jackson’s Thriller but that was a mistake. I had used the website before to come up with a beat and it worked fine but apparently since I imported audio and recorded a little, it couldn’t export the audio after I had finished it. Since by the time I went to export the audio it was the day it was due (today), I decided to try recording the recording using a different audio editor (AVS) and see how it sounded. It sounded a lot better than I was expecting so I went with that approach.

I used the website MakeAGif to make gifs out of some of the projects I had done in the past so that it was sort of a before and after thing. If I didn’t have the source images on my computer I just included the images as they were.

I couldn’t show everything that I had worked on since I couldn’t use anything audio because of the music and too much writing would have slowed down the video too much so I stuck with audiovisuals.

The different genres of assignment I used were Video (The whole thing was a video), Audio(There was musicand I contributed my voice), Mashup(The mix of Spooky Scary Skeletons and Thriller), Gif(I made a lot of gifs) and Visual(all of the photos I couldn’t make into gifs).

This year has been a lot of fun, I know I fell off a little at the end because the stress of all my classes were getting to me but I think this is a good last project to finish things off with. This is my 101st post which is kind of fun to end on (although I know we still have to do an advisory post to the future ds106 students). Thanks Paul Bond and Jim Groom for a great semester!

**Updates on THE PROJECT (so far unnamed)**

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So for our final project we have to do a 4 genre mashup that involves our host character. I have rented out a microphone and am still trying to find a legitimate video camera to use instead of my phone or computer so if anybody has one I can borrow then please hit me up!

This is my plan thus far:

So so far I’m thinking of making a mashup of Spooky Scary Skeletons from The Skeleton Dance and Thriller by Michael Jackson. (Mashup)

Dancing to the songs. (Video)

Incorporating some sort audio on my end whether that be singing or laying some sort of beat or sound effect is yet to be seen.(Audio)

Adding photos at points in the songs. (Visual)


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For today’s daily create, we had to make a wordplay image thing!

I used www.pixlr.com to make this image. They have a lot of filters and fonts to choose from. 🙂


~^^Pink Clouds^^~

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(^I know I’ve posted this song before but its the song’s lyrics so yeah^)

Today’s daily create (11/11/15) (I’m 30 minutes late but it still counts as Wednesday….yeah.) is kind of vaguer than the usual vague daily creates. I think we are supposed to make some sort of poem about making the most of our lives while being satirical and stuff. I thought of the song Pink Cloud by Pegboard Nerds so I’m just going to post some of their lyrics. I think it its the assignment pretty well.^^

I don’t care if they’re talking about us.

I don’t care if they put us down.

I don’t care if the sky falls around us.

We’re riding on a pink cloud!

-Pegboard Nerds

Weekly Summary 11/6/15

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Running out of time no time for chit chat Ah!

Daily Creates (1,2,3)

16 stars worth of video assignments (1, 2, 3) + mini-documentary

Mini-Documentary (here) I know I went over the time limit but I had such good material!

Comments (here)

**Red Reaper Drawing**

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For today’s daily create (11/6/15) we had to draw our host characters so I drew The Red Reaper! Tadah~~!

~~Dan Hubbard~~

This week we had to do a biography of someone not obviously close to us.  I decided to do it on Dan Hubbard who is a business professor at UMW. I’m currently in his Perspectives on Human Organization in Society class and am always interested in what he has to say so he seemed an obvious choice, especially since he is so approachable. I used Vegas Movie Studio to put this video together. I used AVS audio editor to take out the noise in the background of the audio and make it louder.

The only thing I am upset about is that I was very unfamiliar with shooting movies from my phone and thus made the fatal error of recording non-horizontally and therefore making it extremely obvious that a cellphone was used. -_- Oh well, you live and you learn.


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