Spooky Scary Thriller

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(^I don’t usually have audio with video assignments but today is special 🙂 ^)

So I originally planned on learning the thriller dance but that was just not possible with everything going on plus the fact that my video quality is quite bad so I thought making a compilation video would be better.

I originally used soundation to do my mashup of Spooky Scary Skeletons and Michael Jackson’s Thriller but that was a mistake. I had used the website before to come up with a beat and it worked fine but apparently since I imported audio and recorded a little, it couldn’t export the audio after I had finished it. Since by the time I went to export the audio it was the day it was due (today), I decided to try recording the recording using a different audio editor (AVS) and see how it sounded. It sounded a lot better than I was expecting so I went with that approach.

I used the website MakeAGif to make gifs out of some of the projects I had done in the past so that it was sort of a before and after thing. If I didn’t have the source images on my computer I just included the images as they were.

I couldn’t show everything that I had worked on since I couldn’t use anything audio because of the music and too much writing would have slowed down the video too much so I stuck with audiovisuals.

The different genres of assignment I used were Video (The whole thing was a video), Audio(There was musicand I contributed my voice), Mashup(The mix of Spooky Scary Skeletons and Thriller), Gif(I made a lot of gifs) and Visual(all of the photos I couldn’t make into gifs).

This year has been a lot of fun, I know I fell off a little at the end because the stress of all my classes were getting to me but I think this is a good last project to finish things off with. This is my 101st post which is kind of fun to end on (although I know we still have to do an advisory post to the future ds106 students). Thanks Paul Bond and Jim Groom for a great semester!

**Updates on THE PROJECT (so far unnamed)**

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So for our final project we have to do a 4 genre mashup that involves our host character. I have rented out a microphone and am still trying to find a legitimate video camera to use instead of my phone or computer so if anybody has one I can borrow then please hit me up!

This is my plan thus far:

So so far I’m thinking of making a mashup of Spooky Scary Skeletons from The Skeleton Dance and Thriller by Michael Jackson. (Mashup)

Dancing to the songs. (Video)

Incorporating some sort audio on my end whether that be singing or laying some sort of beat or sound effect is yet to be seen.(Audio)

Adding photos at points in the songs. (Visual)

~~Dan Hubbard~~

This week we had to do a biography of someone not obviously close to us.  I decided to do it on Dan Hubbard who is a business professor at UMW. I’m currently in his Perspectives on Human Organization in Society class and am always interested in what he has to say so he seemed an obvious choice, especially since he is so approachable. I used Vegas Movie Studio to put this video together. I used AVS audio editor to take out the noise in the background of the audio and make it louder.

The only thing I am upset about is that I was very unfamiliar with shooting movies from my phone and thus made the fatal error of recording non-horizontally and therefore making it extremely obvious that a cellphone was used. -_- Oh well, you live and you learn.

“”Red Reaper Appeals to All Audiences””

For this next video assignment, I chose to do the “Signing Words” project worth 5 stars. The Red Reaper has been very gracious today and lent me his assistance. He messed up a little bit but I don’t think it was too bad for a first attempt!

I used the YouTube editor to edit the video clip slightly.

*~*Red Reaper Shenanigans*~*

So for one of my video assignments I did the “Instant Replay” project worth 3.5 stars.

I caught sight of The Red Reaper making his rounds and decided to sneak a video of him! He saw me in the end though…

I used the Vegas Movie Studio software to put the video together.

The song used is Supermassive Black Hole by Muse.

Thanks goes to Alex Dudley for filming!

@@Taking Reading to the Next Level@@

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How To Read A Movie


I thought that the notion of placing someone slightly right of the center to make them be in the most ideal place was quite interesting. Supposedly it has to do with golden ratios which I have learned about in several classes ranging from art to math.

A lot more goes into cinematography than I thought. There was an entire paragraph dedicated just to examples of movement and flow that tend to imply a certain theme when used properly.

I like how at the end he gives a disclaimer of taking everything you see with a grain of salt when interpreting them symbolically. Everything is always up for interpretation.

*&*The Acne Hider*&*

This week for 5 out of the 10 stars worth of video assignments required this week I did the DIY Product Commercial!

I filmed a video of myself raving about the new “Acne Hider” that is super easy to use and completely socially acceptable.

Here it is:

I wish the camera was better on my computer because the quality was pretty bad but I couldn’t use my phone because when I tried to transfer it to my computer the file was too large. Looking back now I probably could have just uploaded the video from my phone but oh well.


I want to dance in the rain with Betty White.

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My last Assignment Bank project of the week is “That Bucket List Though” worth 2 stars.

This is what I imagine LaNoir’s bucket list to look like:

1: Find the perfect black scarf

2: Dance in the rain with Betty White

3: Mix her own perfume

4: Watch a tree she planted as a sapling grow into a towering home for the animals

5: Blend the perfect tea

There isn’t much in LaNoir’s character introduction but I got a very nature loving, mystical vibe from it. So that covers most of the bucket list and then everybody wants to dance with Betty White. Thats just a fact.

^^When Eve met Sacagawea^^

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This Assignment Bank project is titled “Favorite Historic Character And Host Character Interaction” and it is worth 3 stars!

This is my first project out of the Fanfic category and I’m so excited because who doesn’t enjoy some good old fashioned fan-fiction. 🙂


Eve Winters had just sat down in a rocking chair outside on her porch planning to enjoy her freshly made tea and the nature that surrounded her when a woman dressed in traditional Native American garb suddenly burst out of the woods and ran straight towards her! Eve jumped up but froze as she was quite confused and not used to people wanting to come close to her and this one was running at full speed!

The woman did not slow down as she ran past Eve grabbing her hand and forcing her to run along with her! It goes without saying that the mug she had been so happily sipping earlier was now in a million pieces about what was now probably 30 feet away from her. They were keeping quite the pace.

After about 10 minutes of running Eve finally got her wits about her.

“Where are you taking me!” Eve screamed. The woman stopped on a dime at that and turned around so fast that Eve stumbled and fell to the ground.

The woman stared for a long time and then let go of Eve’s hand and spoke for the first time in the 10 minute long sprint that they had just completed together.

“Sacagawea.” The woman spoke plainly.

“Where is Sacagawea?” Eve gasped as she was no athlete and was currently struggling for air.

The woman stared at her for another long while until without another word she ran off leaving Eve sprawled out on the ground gasping for air in the middle of who knows where.

Eve eventually found her way back to her house and decided that Sunday morning tea could be enjoyed just as well inside from then on.


**Camp Poster In-CoLoR**

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This Assignment Bank project is called “Colorize Your World” and it is worth 1.5 stars.

So I thought that this camp poster could use a little color, and nothing screams camp like a nice dark green! You can almost smell the nature ahh~~!

CampMeet-your-maker (1)CampMeet-your-maker







I got the original poster from The Spooky Sister Gabby!

I used Pixlr to change the color cuz its awesome.