@@Taking Reading to the Next Level@@

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How To Read A Movie


I thought that the notion of placing someone slightly right of the center to make them be in the most ideal place was quite interesting. Supposedly it has to do with golden ratios which I have learned about in several classes ranging from art to math.

A lot more goes into cinematography than I thought. There was an entire paragraph dedicated just to examples of movement and flow that tend to imply a certain theme when used properly.

I like how at the end he gives a disclaimer of taking everything you see with a grain of salt when interpreting them symbolically. Everything is always up for interpretation.

^^ Smoooooooth~ ^^

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This week I listened to The Smooth & Spooky Variety Hour on Ds106Radio!

The show began with the review of some prominent zombie themed games and movies until they were interrupted by a wild zombie herd! They tried to be diplomatic with the zombies but negotiations failed as some of the terms were a bit unreasonable.

R.I.P. Smooth & Spooky, I would have tuned in again…

The show was super cool and the people who made it are even cooler. After the show I got to talk to almost all of the makers of the show and it sounded like they had a blast making it. 🙂


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Group: HeadReaper, Scott, Ellen, & Felicia

Today (10/8/15), my group got together at the ITCC and went over our project layout and deadlines. We also have a google doc where most of the information is kept but I’ll give a brief summary.

Our radio show will be called the Edward Creeper show after Scott’s host. He will be the main host. We have scheduled radio bumpers, commercials (based off of our host’s interests), and the main part of the show which will be dedicated to scary movie reviews which will take a Good, Bad, & the Ugly format. I will be in character the whole time as Red Reaper.

We will have our script complete by Friday night, Everybody will record separately and send me the files by no later than Tuesday night. I will put it together and give feedback if something is lacking. We will then review and fine-tune it until Friday when it is due.


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So I brainstormed. These are the ideas I have for the radio collab to come in the future:

  • I’m not sure if this was listed somewhere as a requirement but we should all be in our host personas during the broadcast.
  • I feel like it would be fun for each host in the broadcast to have their own section where they are showcased but then also have an altogether commentary on the bits in between bits.
  • Baking with The Red Reaper (hes a scary guy but he sure knows how to bake). Throughout the show he can give updates to how his spooky treats are turning out along with the recipe. (bit idea)
  • Song recommendations for the spooky times. (I enjoy incorporating music ^^)
  • We could all be pretending to be having a sleepover and talking about pretend personal stuff that pertain to the hosts.

The Last Giggle

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I read “The Last Laugh” and chose to think of sound effects for the first page.

It gave me such a classic detective vibe even though he was being looked at medically. I would probably have some sort of smooth sleuthy music in the background and have the creaks in the scene overly pronounced to give it more of an old-fashioned vibe. Have the door creak open, have the getting up from the chair creak in a leathery way, ect.

I would also have the doctor have a smooth low voice and the patient have a panicky quick paced voice (not really SFX but still it was what went through my mind).

##Apparently There Are 2 Men in The Moon##

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Wow, Moon Graffiti was so full of atmosphere. Even without all of the sound effects there was a nice little hum in the background constantly that added a spacey vibe. Its weird to think that the government had a cover story for if something went wrong. I suppose you have to in that situation though.

That was really depressing to listen to. T_T Poor space men. That speech must have been really hard to write. It was really well written and everything but geez its a bit of a downer.

Those voice actors were so talented. It really seemed like they were looking around and commenting on their situation, not just sitting in a recording booth. VAs never cease to amaze me. It sounds like its out of a high-quality space movie that I would like to watch.

>^Stacks on Deck^<

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(^Idols- Virtual Riot^)

The main message I got out of reading the Audio Resources page was that good audio has layers. Stacks on stacks of layers.

I had heard of the catastrophe that was the radio broadcast of War of the Worlds. Its so funny that it happened but I can see how it was a stressful time.

Everything does seem to feel more professional and captivating with music in the background. I now see that that’s the quality that separates the proper Youtubers from the noobs…

I know its GOOD to not have crackles and pops when recording but it really can be difficult. I’ve learned to cover my laptop’s mic with a towel or sock before recording to filter the noise a bit.

Sound really does set the atmosphere. What separates something good from great is usually the atmosphere behind it and audio drives atmosphere so what have we learned? Use more audio! The use of music in scary movies and other video platforms really creates the suspense or carefreeness of the moment. An example of this was the amazingly dramatic music that accompanied the telling of Jack The Ripper that I listened to on Ds106Radio during the live tweet-a-long. Whenever ANYTHING happened there would be some sort of audio cue. It made it a lot easier to keep up with what was going on during the show while I was multitasking.

~@ The Circular Accessory That You Wear On Your Finger @~

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So I watched The Ring and it was quite sufficiently terrifying and still very enjoyable.

*********SPOILER DISCLAIMER********

This post will contain spoilers for the movie The Ring

***************SCARY IMAGERY DISCLAIMER***************

Some of these pictures are really quite scary.

Thou hast been warned.

As far as aesthetics go, I thought that all of the imagery used was very dark and spooky per usual with scary movies. The scary scenes also took on a blueish tone most of the time.

I couldn’t take very good pictures of the tv screen I was watching it on so I thought I would just google images of the movie later. Which I did.

Pic #1

So this is a picture of The Video being watched with Samara crawling out of the well. The picture is grainy and the woods are all dead which adds to the spookiness and I mean what isn’t scary about a child crawling out of a well?

Ugh writing this up is giving me the creeps.

Pic #2

This picture is taken from a higher point which implies that the viewer is looking down which I find scary. This picture really relies on the main body for its scary-factor though. In the movie you don’t notice the clear line that looks as though its the stand for the figure. If it is a figure instead of an actor, its very well done. I think there is a slight blue tint to this picture.

Pic #3

This photo is again looking down and has a blue tint. The room is very shadowy and not well-defined too. Something about cluttered paper is spooky, I’ not sure exactly why. The bars on the window make you feel a bit trapped as well.

So in conclusion, the lighting, angles, and subject matter all lead me to believe that this is in fact a scary movie.

– How to Photo More Better :D –

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(^The End by Grizzly Beatz^)

To start with, I’m an awful photographer. I have shaky hands, I always seem to unintentionally crop things out and its usually blurry.

There is a scratch on the camera lens of my phone so I usually get a friend to take the picture for me and then email it to me (because my phone can’t send or receive picture messages -_- it has problems).

So it can really only get better from here.

After reading Unit 5,

I thought that the concept of leaving things out being a major part of photography was interesting. I learned a lot from watching the video.

Here are the main points on becoming a better photographer. It goes more in-depth here.

  • Get Pickier:
  • Better Contrast Makes Better Stories
  • Change My Perspective By Changing Yours:
  • Create Depth:
  • Get Balanced.
  • Pay Attention to the Moment:
  • Look to the light.
  • Use the Best Lens
  • Expose for Aesthetics
  • Put a Great Foreground in Front of a Great Background

In this article, I thought that the Migrant Mother photograph really wasn’t super impressive even though it is so famous. I thought that the lighting was pretty spot on and the camera quality was superb but other than that it was a little boring. That sounds awful knowing that she was obviously in a bad position but its what I think. I found “Old Negro” and “Rural Rehabilitation Camps for Migrants” more interesting personally.


~*~You are in my hands now~*~

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(~*Music for you my dears*~)


**~Greetings young reapers and welcome~**

I will be filling in for HeadReaper for the time being.

You can call me The Red Reaper.

Yes, yes I know you are all excited to watch those we are to carry over to the netherworld meet their untimely end— but try to contain your enthusiasm~**.

Let me tell you something now~

I don’t play well with others.

There may be games being played but never on me.

If you do~*

you. will. learn.

I will be guiding you all through some verrrry~ scary times to come so you better be verrrry~ respectful now.

Til we meet again~*.