I want to dance in the rain with Betty White.

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My last Assignment Bank project of the week is “That Bucket List Though” worth 2 stars.

This is what I imagine LaNoir’s bucket list to look like:

1: Find the perfect black scarf

2: Dance in the rain with Betty White

3: Mix her own perfume

4: Watch a tree she planted as a sapling grow into a towering home for the animals

5: Blend the perfect tea

There isn’t much in LaNoir’s character introduction but I got a very nature loving, mystical vibe from it. So that covers most of the bucket list and then everybody wants to dance with Betty White. Thats just a fact.

^^When Eve met Sacagawea^^

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This Assignment Bank project is titled “Favorite Historic Character And Host Character Interaction” and it is worth 3 stars!

This is my first project out of the Fanfic category and I’m so excited because who doesn’t enjoy some good old fashioned fan-fiction. 🙂


Eve Winters had just sat down in a rocking chair outside on her porch planning to enjoy her freshly made tea and the nature that surrounded her when a woman dressed in traditional Native American garb suddenly burst out of the woods and ran straight towards her! Eve jumped up but froze as she was quite confused and not used to people wanting to come close to her and this one was running at full speed!

The woman did not slow down as she ran past Eve grabbing her hand and forcing her to run along with her! It goes without saying that the mug she had been so happily sipping earlier was now in a million pieces about what was now probably 30 feet away from her. They were keeping quite the pace.

After about 10 minutes of running Eve finally got her wits about her.

“Where are you taking me!” Eve screamed. The woman stopped on a dime at that and turned around so fast that Eve stumbled and fell to the ground.

The woman stared for a long time and then let go of Eve’s hand and spoke for the first time in the 10 minute long sprint that they had just completed together.

“Sacagawea.” The woman spoke plainly.

“Where is Sacagawea?” Eve gasped as she was no athlete and was currently struggling for air.

The woman stared at her for another long while until without another word she ran off leaving Eve sprawled out on the ground gasping for air in the middle of who knows where.

Eve eventually found her way back to her house and decided that Sunday morning tea could be enjoyed just as well inside from then on.


|. And Bring Some Coffee .|

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Helloooooo~~ So today is a very special day because my dear friend The Red Reaper was feeling inspired! ^^ He let me read it and now I’m going to share it with all of you guys! (Lets not mention this next time we see him alright?)^^

Dear HeadReaper,

I was walking with my good friend Victor Barethean when we spontaneously began speaking via haiku. I thought that as a haiku enthusiast you would enjoy some of our banter.

If you share this you will have Hell to pay.

Cascade into night,
Denizens of almost dawn,
And bring some coffee

 Bitter words unbound~,
Not unlike* the taste when cold,
Glad to* share this* street.


(worth 1 star)

This was a collaborative effort between myself and Victor Barethean from Jim Jams Adventure.

Asignment Bank link

The End of the Googlean Empire

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For my last 2 star Assignment Bank challenge for the week I present to you all The Taking Down Google project!

I will update this more later in the future!

I’m a terrible writer but I tried guys -__-‘


The date is June 3rd 2089, and earth is not at peace. The great Worldwide Web War has been causing absolute mayhem on the 6 continents. Google had taken Australia as its own personal base.

Google was the start of all this. The reason the governments collapsed. The reason why the uprising happened.

All of communications is currently under Google’s control. There was not enough of a watch put on Google, after all the interwebs are governed by no one. Now, our only hope is the resistance. They call themselves, V.I.R.U.S. (Virtual Intercommunication Reconnaissance Uprising Source).

This radical group is growing in number and skill as well as support. The world is not quite ready to trust again though and thus they work in the shadows, infiltrating via network. They meet on a certain server beyond Google’s clutches. That place has generally become known as The Source and The Source is where we begin our story. The story that will someday be written in textdocuments. The story of The Worldwide Web War.


Loading… l

“Geez Perry, these meetings are always called so last minute!” A solidly built man with long dark hair yelled from the kitchen.

“I know really, some of us have appearances to keep up. It’s getting really hard to come up with excuses for running off like this all the time.”

“You want a sandwich? We will probably be in there for a couple hours real time.”

“Hells yeah, got any salami?”

“You’ll take a pbb&j and be happy with it.”

“Collin…” Perry whined.

“You know I’m running low on Google stamps this week.” Collin walked in from the kitchen carrying a plate full of salami and cheese sandwhiches, and threw his best mate a cold Google Cola.

“Yessssssssssssss! Man, you are seriously the best you know that right.”

“Yeah, yeah now hurry up and eat up or we will be late and you know how freaked out they get when people don’t show up.”

The two men scarfed down their ad hoc meal and began the process that was starting up their avatars and logging into The Source server.

“See you in there!” Perry donned his VR mask and went silent. Opening his eyes, Perry was welcomed with the startup screen.

“Welcome ThePeary. Which avatar will you choose?” An A.I. voice greeted him. Perry couldn’t help but think what a welcome voice it was compared to Siri. Siri was everywhere these days, but this was a place of refuge. A place where Google’s slimy little hands couldn’t touch.

“Hello Samantha, won’t you be a dear and get me my VGear? I got called in on a last-minute gathering again.”

“Excellent choice.” Samantha had a voice for sore ears but she obviously wasn’t on Siri’s level when it came to personality even if there was something a little sinister in Siri’s words.

Perry’s body glowed white until his outline seemed to shatter and his avatar stood in his place.

“Care to take a look?”

“Might as well, I did just change the shoes on this one.” One wall of the blank space became an elongated mirror revealing a man in a green uniform with a patch on his left chest that depicted a pixilated ladybug. A solid green pear took the place of where the head should be. The shoes were black combat boots with yellow soles.

“How do I look Sam? I bet all the ladies will go nuts now that I have these babies!” Perry struck a pose and pretended to fire a gun.

“Yes, you look fine.”

“Thanks Sam, I better get going though. Collin is going to kick my ass if we’re late. Destination Source start!”

Everything went white as the initial sequence started up. A sequence of beeps sounded and then everything began to darken and take form in front of his eyes.


Loading… ll

“Finally Perry I thought maybe I’d missed you and you’d gone on withou- Oh hey sick shoes!” A large walking copper penny with arms greeted him. The name DatCoin hovered above the avatar indicating that it was indeed Collin.


The 2 went on to thwart the google empire as grunts of V.I.R.U.S.

(I got ambitious and then ran out of time. Maybe I’ll make a continuation in the future XD)

You Chose Wrong. *o*

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Another project I chose out of the writing section of the Assignment Bank this week weighing in at a hefty 2 stars is titled Your Adventure is Over. The object of this project was to write a “You chose wrong” scene after you supposedly choose the wrong path in a choose your own adventure style setting.

So alas, here it is:

Enter the Dark room

You choose to go down the spiral staircase into the cellar. A dark room with a bit of a draft greets you. You reach for your flashlight only to realize you no longer have it on your person. You hear a strange squelching sound. The sound draws nearer and you can’t see a thing! You begin to back away from the noise but your back meets a wall. Your last thoughts are of how slimey the wall is before a grue swallows you whole! Next time you might want to pack an extra light.
The End

Extra Extra, Turns Out People Can Act

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This week all of our Assignment Bank projects had to be out of the writing section which made me all like: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The writing it burns… “*shrivels up and dies*

I severely dislike writing.

So for one of the projects I did Extra Extra Read All About It which is worth 4 out of the 8 stars needed. In case you are too lazy to click on the link, the assignment was to watch any full-length episode and take notes on all of the extras to see if their acting skills are up to par. The show I chose to watch is Silicon Valley episode 1. I had never seen Silicon Valley but my brother recommended it and it was pretty good. I appreciated all of the programming jokes but its kind of stupid humor for a show with so much technicality. Its like The Hangover except with everybody being a millionaire (or to-be-millionaire) with really high intelligence. It confuses me but anyways- here is a list of all the extras that I kept track of. A lot of the extras were in large crowds but I did the best I could.

Drummer- blocked from view
Guitarist 1- tshirt jeans beanie
Guitarist 2- same except sub baseball hat
Guitarist 3- same sub no hat
Background dancer 1- female jacket and jeans
Background dancer 2- female belly shirt and jeans
Background dancer 3- male tshirt jeans
A lot of people in a crowd- all seem to be acting casual
Waitress- she was smiling. Waiters don’t smile.
Man with brown jacket- believable
Another crowd- they all look significantly concerned which is believable..

In the end, all of the extras did a good job walking through a doorway or casually chatting without looking like a newb. I was actually slightly disappointing by this but oh well.