Spooky Scary Thriller

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(^I don’t usually have audio with video assignments but today is special 🙂 ^)

So I originally planned on learning the thriller dance but that was just not possible with everything going on plus the fact that my video quality is quite bad so I thought making a compilation video would be better.

I originally used soundation to do my mashup of Spooky Scary Skeletons and Michael Jackson’s Thriller but that was a mistake. I had used the website before to come up with a beat and it worked fine but apparently since I imported audio and recorded a little, it couldn’t export the audio after I had finished it. Since by the time I went to export the audio it was the day it was due (today), I decided to try recording the recording using a different audio editor (AVS) and see how it sounded. It sounded a lot better than I was expecting so I went with that approach.

I used the website MakeAGif to make gifs out of some of the projects I had done in the past so that it was sort of a before and after thing. If I didn’t have the source images on my computer I just included the images as they were.

I couldn’t show everything that I had worked on since I couldn’t use anything audio because of the music and too much writing would have slowed down the video too much so I stuck with audiovisuals.

The different genres of assignment I used were Video (The whole thing was a video), Audio(There was musicand I contributed my voice), Mashup(The mix of Spooky Scary Skeletons and Thriller), Gif(I made a lot of gifs) and Visual(all of the photos I couldn’t make into gifs).

This year has been a lot of fun, I know I fell off a little at the end because the stress of all my classes were getting to me but I think this is a good last project to finish things off with. This is my 101st post which is kind of fun to end on (although I know we still have to do an advisory post to the future ds106 students). Thanks Paul Bond and Jim Groom for a great semester!

**Updates on THE PROJECT (so far unnamed)**

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So for our final project we have to do a 4 genre mashup that involves our host character. I have rented out a microphone and am still trying to find a legitimate video camera to use instead of my phone or computer so if anybody has one I can borrow then please hit me up!

This is my plan thus far:

So so far I’m thinking of making a mashup of Spooky Scary Skeletons from The Skeleton Dance and Thriller by Michael Jackson. (Mashup)

Dancing to the songs. (Video)

Incorporating some sort audio on my end whether that be singing or laying some sort of beat or sound effect is yet to be seen.(Audio)

Adding photos at points in the songs. (Visual)