Weekly Summary 10/23/15

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So this week was probably my favorite week but also one of the hardest ones for me. I found it difficult to incorporate so many host characters when we know so little about them. For example visual projects were pretty much out of the question because of the lack of pictures of hosts and same goes for video. It all worked out in the end though. I’m very happy with the assignments I created this week.^^

I really enjoyed tuning in to listen to the radio shows this week and I felt so semi-famous being on the internet radio via google hangouts. Good times 🙂

Daily Creates(1,2,3)

Collaborative Assignments (Haiku, Remix, Camp, Sacagawea, List)

My radio listen can be found here!

Comments are here!

% Weekly Summary 10/16/15 %

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This week was really fun as well as very busy with the radio show going on. My team was really fun to work with. Everybody was really nice and organized. I also got the chance to work with Scott who I went to high school with so that was really cool, if hes reading this right now he probably thinks I’m weird for getting so excited about this but ah well~. Feel that 4th wall Scott? Yeah me neither 🙂

I posted our radio show and progress report together here!

My 10 comments for the week can be found here!

I forgot to do the Daily Creates this week X_X but last week I accidentally did 3 when we weren’t assigned any so maybe those can roll over?(1, 2, 3)

I dunno, a girl can try!^^

Next week should be all the good times I’m sure!

Weekly Summary (10/9/15)

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What? Its not almost midnight? I’m submitting my weekly summary early???! O_O Wow…


I did 3 daily creates even though we weren’t told to because I didn’t realize that they weren’t mandatory until I had already done 2 of them. (ParallelWorlds,70s,villains)

I did 10 stars worth of audio asignments with 6.5 of the stars being Red Reaper related (Work,Excitement,SongGuess,Gecko)

I commented at least 10 times (convenient link to comment post)

I posted about the progress made on The Edward Creeper Show (here)

My poster for the upcoming movie staring Red reaper himself! (here ^^)

I know I didn’t go into a ton of detail this week, but there really wasn’t too much going on since most of it is preparation for next week.

I’m excited to see how The Edward Creeper Show turns out!

Weekly Summary 11/13/15

So this week was a bit of a struggle. I lost a lot of motivation to get things done and thus we are back to the same crank out things right before the deadline approach that frequently happens.

Anyways, I’m sorry I’ll try to be better about it in the future!

I did the 3 daily creates (window, change, daruma).

I did the designblitz which was fun, but I didn’t start on it early enough to really take pictures of anything outside of my apartment.

I did 12 stars worth of design themed Assignment Bank projects (cartoon, inception, god, vintage).

I watched Planet of the Vampires which was hilarious. My response is here!

I did the Love at First Shot project.

It was my week to do a weekly showcase so I did that here!

Week 6 was pretty cool, looking forward to next week’s theme!

Weekly Summary 9/25/15

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So this week I did 3 daily creates: (1, 2, 3)

I also did the 10 stars worth of Audio Assignment Bank projects (I actually did 12^^): (RollingDeep, Song?, Row, SFX)

I responded to the Audio Resources, Reading and the Moon Graffiti, and brainstormed some ideas for the radio show.

The Moon Graffiti post is refusing to link because I changed the title after I had posted it. Its on my blog though under the responses tag and is titled “##Apparently There Are 2 Men in The Moon##”.

I really enjoyed making a bumper for the ds106radio. I’m not completely sure if it conveys the essence that is ds106radio, I’ve only listened a few times and it was drastically different with its theme each time.

The tweet-along was really fun. I kept having to put off listening to the broadcast because of schedule conflicts and then it was Thursday and there was still a conflict (Biology class that goes til 10 X_X) so I ended up multitasking. The stories told were both interesting. I love a good Jack The Ripper story and any story about a pyro is a story close to my heart.<3

I thoroughly enjoyed audio week- it will be missed.

Next up is Design ooh~

Weekly Summary 9/18/15


It’s time for another Weekly Summary! *cues music*

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(^I really love this rendition of Symptoms by Shinee^)

I did 3 Daily Creates this week: (1, 2, 3)

The Photoblitz challenge was kind of fun although I think the hardest part of it was trying to make a collage out of it using free software. Some websites looked free until you tried to download the final project so it got remade several times.

Doing the visual themed Assignment Bank projects was a lot more enjoyable than the writing themed ones from last week. I chose to go the approach of several small projects rather than trying to take on larger projects. I might switch it up next week.  I ended up making 13 stars worth of assignments. Here they are: (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

I responded to the tips on becoming a better photographer. I really needed those tips. 🙂 (here)

I also took a paranormal picture! I considered using my avatar picture because I was going for a bit paranormal with that but I figured that would be lazy so I made a new one. (here)

Finally, I made a response to the cinematography of The Ring which was absolutely terrifying. The movie was terrifying and making a response to the movie made me feel like I was going to be cursed so that was also terrifying. Anyways you can find that here.

This week was oodles of fun :3

I’m excited for audio themed week!

Weekly Summary 9/11/15

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This week I was really bad and left a lot of things til the last minute. Shame shame, I’ll be better in the future. Anyways- in the effort to save time lets get on with the summarizing!~

Reading of Horror: This week I read and responded to The Lottery and Last Respects

Vonnegut on the Shape of Stories: Response can be found here!

I created my host character The Red Reaper who I hope you all will come to love to fear~^^

I did the 3 daily creates (1, 2, 3)

I did 8 stars of assignment bank projects (4stars, 2stars, 2stars). <-The last one is being stubborn and won’t link right now but it is on my front page as The End of the Googlean Empire. I mentioned this in one of my project posts but I really don’t like writing. I’ve always had trouble with it so even though it wasn’t a ton of writing I struggled. I’m looking forward to hopefully a different medium next week.

And finally I organized my blog! Now I have a drop down menu that covers all the genres of my proects~~.


I know this summary is a bit lacking in togetherness and flare but I have learned my lesson and will make next weeks extra special!

Til next week~~

Weekly Summary 9/4/15

(^Some upbeat music this week XD (music starts 15 secs in)^)

Nico Nico Douga- Ryuuseigun


So this week a lot went on. I made 3 DailyCreates (1, 2 (below cuz I forgot to blog it oops XD), 3).

I am still working on trying to figure out how to link them so that they show up in the right places.

I have also made 3 Assignment Bank projects (1, 2, 3). I had a lot of fun with these, especially the AMV^^.

I made a response to creepy doll shows, and a little something about digital storytelling and the origins of Slendy the slender man. Yes I call him Slendy. Those 2 articles were long btw, I was reading them in between classes all week! They were really good though so I see why they were assigned.

Anyways, I also looked over how to improve my blog posts. I will do my best to be a linking master and I guarantee a song on every post from this point on.^^

I now have an About page which isn’t anything too fancy but its there and gets the point across. I looked at the themes but I like my blog the way it is for now so I didn’t change anything. I did however download and activate the Jetpack and Akismet plugins.

Finally, I have done my best to be an active member of the ds106 community by responding to different blog posts, moderating my blog and tweeting when I find appropriate. 🙂

Week 2 kept me busy but I’m sure its got nothing on Week 3.

Here we go~~~~~~!!!

Weekly Summary #1: 8/28/15

(^Music to listen to as you read: Eau de Vie by Takanashi Yasuharu^)

This first week I had many experiences that would not have happened if not for the prompting of ds106 which I am very thankful for.

Firstly I had to set up all of my media platforms: Twitter, Soundcloud, Flickr, and Youtube: because I have never used any of them before (except for youtube). I then made this wonderful little website which wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.

I then made my avatar and put it on gravatar. My avatar is a picture of myself that I took in front of a tv on the wrong input setting in the dark while holding a candle and a cup. I then edited some words onto the picture and it surprisingly turned out pretty well.

I watched Creepshow which for as “cheesy” as it was, scared me far worse than it should have. The bug-themed one in particular made me cringe and I had to cover my eyes at the end because I have a major aversion to bugs. All of the stories scared me and made me a bit sad too. When the strange beast in the crate was dropped into the river I felt really bad for it even though it ate half of the cast.

I read Tales of The Hook which I thought seemed really insightful but I had no idea of who the people and stories King was referring to which made it difficult to be sure. The chapters on monstrosity were really interesting and far more politically incorrect than I thought it would be but I am aware that it was written during different circumstances than we have presently. I felt a bit rotten reading about King referring to people as monstrous because of the way they were born but his points were noted.

I submitted my horror recommendation which was Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni. Higurashi is a horror anime that I haven’t even finished yet because of the nightmares I got from the first season. That is the reason I recommended it.

I took on an ambitious youtube video that I put in my intro. I say ambitious because of the many hours of editing that went into it to make it look somewhat presentable. I had never edited a video before and therefore was quite naive in my expectations of the amount of work that goes into it but it was enjoyable to make all the same. Just as a side-note, my inclusion of twitter in my introductory post is in my video.

Lastly, I made up my scary-story in a mad-lib style format. I got the idea from a Dan and Phil video that I thought was fun.

The first week of ds106 was a blast and I’m excited for week 2!