%Latte Art w/out A Latte%

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So today’s daily create (9/23/15) was to make art in the foam of a latte.  I am a broke college kid who can’t afford fancy coffee X_X so instead I added some effects to my morning coffee brewed in my kitchen. :3

dc coffee

I used the picture editor Pixlr yet again because yeah.

Also as a side note, I really freaking love coffee.

My religion is Coffee.

I’m a tad bit addicted.

That is all.

2 thoughts on “%Latte Art w/out A Latte%”

  1. I am in the same boat as you for being unable/unwilling to shell out money for fancy coffee. It would seem that your image reflects that sentiment. Although I ultimately did other daily creates, I did consider a few budget options, such as pouring milk on top of homemade coffee (requires milk though). My only gripe with the image is that it looks very small, but I appreciate the “flavor” you put into the picture.

    1. Thanks! That was a very well thought out comment 🙂 Your right, the image probably could’ve been bigger, and I like my coffee black so I didn’t try to put milk in it although the thought crossed my mind.

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