Weekly Summary 9/4/15

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Nico Nico Douga- Ryuuseigun


So this week a lot went on. I made 3 DailyCreates (1, 2 (below cuz I forgot to blog it oops XD), 3).

I am still working on trying to figure out how to link them so that they show up in the right places.

I have also made 3 Assignment Bank projects (1, 2, 3). I had a lot of fun with these, especially the AMV^^.

I made a response to creepy doll shows, and a little something about digital storytelling and the origins of Slendy the slender man. Yes I call him Slendy. Those 2 articles were long btw, I was reading them in between classes all week! They were really good though so I see why they were assigned.

Anyways, I also looked over how to improve my blog posts. I will do my best to be a linking master and I guarantee a song on every post from this point on.^^

I now have an About page which isn’t anything too fancy but its there and gets the point across. I looked at the themes but I like my blog the way it is for now so I didn’t change anything. I did however download and activate the Jetpack and Akismet plugins.

Finally, I have done my best to be an active member of the ds106 community by responding to different blog posts, moderating my blog and tweeting when I find appropriate. 🙂

Week 2 kept me busy but I’m sure its got nothing on Week 3.

Here we go~~~~~~!!!

Oh Slendy~

I thought the Million Penguins project was fascinating! Out of the entire chapter that was the section that most caught my eye although the whole chapter was pretty interesting.  The fact that anybody could continue the story and that parallel worlds pretty much came into existence as far as the wiki world goes is amazing.

The article on Slender Man was really interesting to read about because like most people now days I’ve heard of him, watched multiple people play it on Youtube, and even met one at a convention. Yes, like most people…  Anyways it was cool to learn of his origins, how he was based off of a child-stalker and the internet deemed him creepy enough to make viral.  I had never heard of Marble Hornets before but I am now quite intrigued and will probably watch the whole series when I can.

I think that this is storytelling in a new medium but ultimately nothing too different. I guess the fact that so many people can access them now creates a larger demand. The access upgrade also allows more people to work on a project at any given time so collabs are more frequent too but the plain old telling of scary stories in the dark will never stop. We might just be listening to them from a dark room 6,000 miles away and using subtitles.

It is always fun to see what the internet can create. Give the internet a 5 hour documentary painstakingly put together about a man who spends 100 years at sea (I’m just making this up) and the internet will take the seagull that appears for about 10 seconds and name it, build a backstory, and create a universe that revolves around Phillip the seagull who made a cameo in that one really long boring thing.

All I can say is I love the internet and the community held together by it for better or for worse.

The Horror of Dolls.

  •     Aki Ni Somaru
  •     Day and Night

(^Very appropriate music.^)

Aki ni Somaru from the anime Hell Girl

Today I watched the Living Doll, The Doll, and Amelia. Hmmm I wonder what they could all be about. -_-

Honestly these stories shouldn’t be that scary but I’m a bit of a wimp and get the sympathetic pain. For example if someone gets cut by a knife I get the ghosty feeling of getting cut too, so needless to say Amelia with the slasher doll was not my favorite.

I had seen Living Doll with Talking Tina before because my 5th grade teacher would show us Twilight Zone episodes if we finished our work early. He was pretty great :).

I think what made these stories scary is that there is constantly a scary stigma attached to dolls in media. If they are porcelain like in The Doll they are 10x creepier. The fact that their faces are constantly held in a smile (usually) creates the fear of the unknown as far as not being able to tell their true intentions or thoughts. They appear so innocent that its suspicious. I don’t have pediophobia now because of those shows or anything ba-baka T_T.

Speaking of phobias…. (That transition was flawless I know) Lets talk about my “favorite”! I say favorite in quotes because I don’t exactly enjoy people being in fear but the one I find most interesting that I know about is Venustraphobia: the fear of beautiful women. Yes this is a thing apparently. The weird thing is I can actually see why this is a thing. I’ve always distrusted men I find attractive for some reason. I guess my rational is that they know they can be charming and get away with more things than less attractive guys. I’m working on it ok? haha.

Daily Create 9/4/15

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(We Own The Sky by M83)

Today I somehow accidentally did the wrong Daily Create but no worries I did the actual daily create for today too!

This is the one from who knows when that asked us to draw a picture with a Tree, a Star, and a Seed. I used paint to put this together:

This is the actual Daily create which asked us to post a picture of a neat/exciting place. I chose the Boston public garden because the one time I went it was super beautiful and had musicians and street performers but wasn’t too overcrowded or loud. Its just a really neat place.

~10 Second Throwback~

For my 3rd and final Assignment Bank project for the week I have created a 10 second mashup of throwback songs! 🙂
This assignment is worth 2 stars which puts me over the 8 star requirement with 9.5 stars woot!

I already had these songs in my iTunes so I just cut them up into small pieces and put them together with the AVS Audio Editor which I love^^.

The songs used were SOS by Rihanna, Hips Don’t Lie by Shakira, and Lollipop by Aqua.

The Louvre in a Different Light

(^Some non-traditional French music to set the mood^)
(Moteur Action by Yelle)

For my 2nd assignment out of the ds106 Assignment Bank I chose the 3 star Color Changer project. I took this picture of the Louvre (Click on the picture to go to where I found it.)

and put a filter on it to create this!The Louvre

Daily Create 9/2/2015

A Movie Scene in British Slang

From Disney’s Aladdin

Aladdin Meets His New Mate..

Genie: 260,893 fortnights will make you feel absolutely tosh.
Hang on a second.

Bollocks is it blinding to be out of there.
I’m telling ya its brilliant to be back mates.
Alright where are you from, whats ur name?

Aladdin:Uh, uh uh Aladdin.

Genie: Aladdin, hello Aladdin nice to have you on the show can we call you Al? Or maybe just Din or how about laddy?
Sounds a bit dodgy like here boy, come on laddy.
Hey your a lot smaller than my last master, either that or I’m getting bigger. Look at me from the side do I look rubbish to you?

Aladdin:Wait wait wait I’ve lost the plot.
I’m your master? Nice one…

Genie: Thats right. He can be taught!
What do you wish of me? Ever ace, the one contained, often imitated but never duplicated. Genie of the lamp.
Right here direct from the lamp, right here very much for your wish fulfillment right here.

Enter song: “You Never Had a Mate Like Me”

Like A Bullet Train~*

I know that this website is supposed to be a spooky place but I could’t bring myself to corner my first amv into a creative hole! -_-‘ This project is worth 4.5 stars out of the 8 I need to complete this week. There were a lot of difficult times with this amv but I’m really proud of how it turned out in the end. 🙂 Enjoy!

Weekly Summary #1: 8/28/15

(^Music to listen to as you read: Eau de Vie by Takanashi Yasuharu^)

This first week I had many experiences that would not have happened if not for the prompting of ds106 which I am very thankful for.

Firstly I had to set up all of my media platforms: Twitter, Soundcloud, Flickr, and Youtube: because I have never used any of them before (except for youtube). I then made this wonderful little website which wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.

I then made my avatar and put it on gravatar. My avatar is a picture of myself that I took in front of a tv on the wrong input setting in the dark while holding a candle and a cup. I then edited some words onto the picture and it surprisingly turned out pretty well.

I watched Creepshow which for as “cheesy” as it was, scared me far worse than it should have. The bug-themed one in particular made me cringe and I had to cover my eyes at the end because I have a major aversion to bugs. All of the stories scared me and made me a bit sad too. When the strange beast in the crate was dropped into the river I felt really bad for it even though it ate half of the cast.

I read Tales of The Hook which I thought seemed really insightful but I had no idea of who the people and stories King was referring to which made it difficult to be sure. The chapters on monstrosity were really interesting and far more politically incorrect than I thought it would be but I am aware that it was written during different circumstances than we have presently. I felt a bit rotten reading about King referring to people as monstrous because of the way they were born but his points were noted.

I submitted my horror recommendation which was Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni. Higurashi is a horror anime that I haven’t even finished yet because of the nightmares I got from the first season. That is the reason I recommended it.

I took on an ambitious youtube video that I put in my intro. I say ambitious because of the many hours of editing that went into it to make it look somewhat presentable. I had never edited a video before and therefore was quite naive in my expectations of the amount of work that goes into it but it was enjoyable to make all the same. Just as a side-note, my inclusion of twitter in my introductory post is in my video.

Lastly, I made up my scary-story in a mad-lib style format. I got the idea from a Dan and Phil video that I thought was fun.

The first week of ds106 was a blast and I’m excited for week 2!

Do you want to hear a scary story? O_O : ~The Storm~

For this scary story you will need a piece of paper and a writing utensil.

Number your paper 1-13 and write down a thing relating to the number like a mad-lib^^. Once your done, listen to the soundcloud and insert the words that correspond to the number I say to hear your own personalized scary story! (Kudos go to the youtubers Dan Howell (danisnotonfire) and Phil Lester (AmazingPhil) who I have borrowed this idea from!)

1: a noun (plural)

2: a town/city

3: noun

4: adjective

5: same noun as #1

6: animal

7: noun

8: something you can hold.

9: way of communicating (past-tense)

10: same animal as #5

11: a catch phrase

12: a place you visit.

13: verb