“”Red Reaper Appeals to All Audiences””

For this next video assignment, I chose to do the “Signing Words” project worth 5 stars. The Red Reaper has been very gracious today and lent me his assistance. He messed up a little bit but I don’t think it was too bad for a first attempt!

I used the YouTube editor to edit the video clip slightly.

*~*Red Reaper Shenanigans*~*

So for one of my video assignments I did the “Instant Replay” project worth 3.5 stars.

I caught sight of The Red Reaper making his rounds and decided to sneak a video of him! He saw me in the end though…

I used the Vegas Movie Studio software to put the video together.

The song used is Supermassive Black Hole by Muse.

Thanks goes to Alex Dudley for filming!


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For today’s daily create (11/5/15) we had to write a 6 line poem about our purpose in life. For a quick daily create, this was rather intimidating and personal but I gave it my best shot. Poetry isn’t my strong suit but here it is:

I want to make the world more transparent,

but not to the point where the color completely fades.

I want to feed the addiction that plagues the mind,

and let accessibility have its way.

Honesty, straight up, is what I value most,

all I can aspire to be is that kind of host.

%~FanFic Reading~%

For today’s daily create (11/4/15) we had to read an excerpt of some fanfiction!

I decided I wanted to read some Detective Conan fanfiction because I love it and I saw somebody did a Magic Kaito reading and they are made by the same creator.

You can read the whole fanfic here!

Ive only read the first paragraph so don’t blame me if things take a strange turn!

@@Taking Reading to the Next Level@@

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How To Read A Movie


I thought that the notion of placing someone slightly right of the center to make them be in the most ideal place was quite interesting. Supposedly it has to do with golden ratios which I have learned about in several classes ranging from art to math.

A lot more goes into cinematography than I thought. There was an entire paragraph dedicated just to examples of movement and flow that tend to imply a certain theme when used properly.

I like how at the end he gives a disclaimer of taking everything you see with a grain of salt when interpreting them symbolically. Everything is always up for interpretation.

*&*The Acne Hider*&*

This week for 5 out of the 10 stars worth of video assignments required this week I did the DIY Product Commercial!

I filmed a video of myself raving about the new “Acne Hider” that is super easy to use and completely socially acceptable.

Here it is:

I wish the camera was better on my computer because the quality was pretty bad but I couldn’t use my phone because when I tried to transfer it to my computer the file was too large. Looking back now I probably could have just uploaded the video from my phone but oh well.


Weekly Summary 10/23/15

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So this week was probably my favorite week but also one of the hardest ones for me. I found it difficult to incorporate so many host characters when we know so little about them. For example visual projects were pretty much out of the question because of the lack of pictures of hosts and same goes for video. It all worked out in the end though. I’m very happy with the assignments I created this week.^^

I really enjoyed tuning in to listen to the radio shows this week and I felt so semi-famous being on the internet radio via google hangouts. Good times 🙂

Daily Creates(1,2,3)

Collaborative Assignments (Haiku, Remix, Camp, Sacagawea, List)

My radio listen can be found here!

Comments are here!

~~ Stop. Its Comments Time!~~

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(^I had to throw some sitar in here in honor of JenXTheJinx^)

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I want to dance in the rain with Betty White.

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My last Assignment Bank project of the week is “That Bucket List Though” worth 2 stars.

This is what I imagine LaNoir’s bucket list to look like:

1: Find the perfect black scarf

2: Dance in the rain with Betty White

3: Mix her own perfume

4: Watch a tree she planted as a sapling grow into a towering home for the animals

5: Blend the perfect tea

There isn’t much in LaNoir’s character introduction but I got a very nature loving, mystical vibe from it. So that covers most of the bucket list and then everybody wants to dance with Betty White. Thats just a fact.