^^When Eve met Sacagawea^^

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This Assignment Bank project is titled “Favorite Historic Character And Host Character Interaction” and it is worth 3 stars!

This is my first project out of the Fanfic category and I’m so excited because who doesn’t enjoy some good old fashioned fan-fiction. šŸ™‚


EveĀ Winters had just sat down in a rocking chair outside on her porch planning to enjoy her freshly made tea and the nature that surrounded her when a woman dressed in traditional Native American garb suddenly burst out of the woods and ran straight towards her! Eve jumpedĀ up but froze as she was quite confused and not used to people wanting to come close to her and this one was running at full speed!

The woman did not slow down as she ran past Eve grabbing her hand and forcing her to run along with her! It goes without saying that the mug she had been so happily sipping earlier was now in a million pieces about what was now probably 30 feet away from her. They were keeping quite the pace.

After about 10 minutes of running Eve finally got her wits about her.

“Where are you taking me!” Eve screamed. The woman stopped on a dime at that and turned around so fast that Eve stumbled and fell to the ground.

The woman stared for a long time and then let go of Eve’s hand and spoke for the first time in the 10 minute long sprint that they had justĀ completed together.

“Sacagawea.” The woman spoke plainly.

“Where is Sacagawea?” Eve gasped as she was no athlete and was currently struggling for air.

The woman stared at her for another long while until without another word she ran off leaving Eve sprawled out on the ground gasping for air in the middle of who knows where.

Eve eventually found her way back to her house and decided that Sunday morning tea could be enjoyed just as well inside from then on.