Greetings Young Reapers


(^ slightly spooky music provided for your enjoyment as you read ^ )

Hello~! My persona for our horror-themed ds106 is HeadReaper. Now I don’t want people to think that I chose the name because I want to reap the heads of small children or anything. I was going more along the lines of I’m the reaper in charge of this website type thing but I suppose you all can interpret what you will. I’m choosing not to share my name on this website and all of my other media platforms so that I can keep things separated but if that becomes a problem for some reason I’ll change things.

Also for those that are not involved in ds106 and somehow found this page on the interwebs… Firstly congratulations you are in a really obscure part of the internet. Digital Storytelling (ds106) is an online course that I am taking at the University of Mary Washington that involves me uploading horror-themed things onto various social medias which will be linked to below.

So in the video below I’ll just be giving a little introduction of myself, I’ve never made a video so hopefully it doesn’t turn out horribly. 😀

Follow me on Twitter @TheHeadReaper  (someone already had HeadReaper T_T)


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