Weekly Summary #1: 8/28/15

(^Music to listen to as you read: Eau de Vie by Takanashi Yasuharu^)

This first week I had many experiences that would not have happened if not for the prompting of ds106 which I am very thankful for.

Firstly I had to set up all of my media platforms: Twitter, Soundcloud, Flickr, and Youtube: because I have never used any of them before (except for youtube). I then made this wonderful little website which wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.

I then made my avatar and put it on gravatar. My avatar is a picture of myself that I took in front of a tv on the wrong input setting in the dark while holding a candle and a cup. I then edited some words onto the picture and it surprisingly turned out pretty well.

I watched Creepshow which for as “cheesy” as it was, scared me far worse than it should have. The bug-themed one in particular made me cringe and I had to cover my eyes at the end because I have a major aversion to bugs. All of the stories scared me and made me a bit sad too. When the strange beast in the crate was dropped into the river I felt really bad for it even though it ate half of the cast.

I read Tales of The Hook which I thought seemed really insightful but I had no idea of who the people and stories King was referring to which made it difficult to be sure. The chapters on monstrosity were really interesting and far more politically incorrect than I thought it would be but I am aware that it was written during different circumstances than we have presently. I felt a bit rotten reading about King referring to people as monstrous because of the way they were born but his points were noted.

I submitted my horror recommendation which was Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni. Higurashi is a horror anime that I haven’t even finished yet because of the nightmares I got from the first season. That is the reason I recommended it.

I took on an ambitious youtube video that I put in my intro. I say ambitious because of the many hours of editing that went into it to make it look somewhat presentable. I had never edited a video before and therefore was quite naive in my expectations of the amount of work that goes into it but it was enjoyable to make all the same. Just as a side-note, my inclusion of twitter in my introductory post is in my video.

Lastly, I made up my scary-story in a mad-lib style format. I got the idea from a Dan and Phil video that I thought was fun.

The first week of ds106 was a blast and I’m excited for week 2!

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  1. Yeah, King went off the rails a bit in that chapter. In some of the old films he mentions, like Freaks and Teenage Frankenstein, there is the underlying question of who is the real monster – the people who are somehow different, or the seemingly normal people. I think King plays into that question, though perhaps unwittingly, with the attitude he projects.

    That introduction video may well be the most impressive intro I’ve seen in this course. I know it was a lot of work, but that’s the kind of experience that really pays off in the end.

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