Weekly Summary 9/25/15

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So this week I did 3 daily creates: (1, 2, 3)

I also did the 10 stars worth of Audio Assignment Bank projects (I actually did 12^^): (RollingDeep, Song?, Row, SFX)

I responded to the Audio ResourcesReading and the Moon Graffiti, and brainstormed some ideas for the radio show.

The Moon Graffiti post is refusing to link because I changed the title after I had posted it. Its on my blog though under the responses tag and is titled “##Apparently There Are 2 Men in The Moon##”.

I really enjoyed making a bumper for the ds106radio. I’m not completely sure if it conveys the essence that is ds106radio, I’ve only listened a few times and it was drastically different with its theme each time.

The tweet-along was really fun. I kept having to put off listening to the broadcast because of schedule conflicts and then it was Thursday and there was still a conflict (Biology class that goes til 10 X_X) so I ended up multitasking. The stories told were both interesting. I love a good Jack The Ripper story and any story about a pyro is a story close to my heart.<3

I thoroughly enjoyed audio week- it will be missed.

Next up is Design ooh~

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